Smart is...

  • Sustainable — Appropriate for NM Climate
  • Manageable — Easy to Maintain
  • Aesthetically Pleasing — Beauty in Color, Texture, and Form
  • Resourceful — Utilize Resources Efficiently
  • Tailored — Achieve Customer Needs

Smart considers a holistic approach to New Mexico landscapes. We focus on understanding the specific growing environment in light of our customer’s needs and desires for their landscape. Each landscape has unique characteristics that should be understood in order to receive proper care.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers with quality work, communication, and consideration. We focus on promoting the beauty and aesthetics of each landscape we service by rendering good horticultural practices. Furthermore, we identify the current state of a landscape and seek to improve its health and appearance by either “enhancing” or “re-designing” landscapes. Utilizing our services will promote healthy, enjoyable, and useful landscapes for our clients, while increasing property value. 

We are committed to your satisfaction.

We offer personalized attention to your property.

We offer professional and courteous service.